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Hitachi Mesin Cuci - SF-120XAV

Rp 7.799.000
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Melayani pengiriman untuk wilayah : Jakarta, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Selatan,
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Deskripsi Produk :
Garansi Resmi Distributor Indonesia Selama 1 Tahun
4 Button Control
Thoughtfully laid out button controls for easy operation.

Water Power
Simply pressing the Water Power button lets you change water flow in 5 steps from powerful (2) for hard, thick items to Soft (-2)for soft, delicate items.

Shower Plus
You can add water as desired during a wash while looking through the glass to check. Simply press the Shower Plus button once, and the water level increases by one.

Fine Adjustment Settings
Just press the up/down buttons until the water level, wash time, number of rinses and spin time settings are as desired.

Dynamic Wide Shower
Efficient circulation of a large volume of water effectively removes dirt from deep in fibers without damaging fabrics.

4-Step Penetration Wash
Concentrated detergent solution penetrates deep into fabrics to wash away even stubborn dirt and stains.

Tangle-Free Finish
When the spin cycle ends, the pulsator repeatedly moves clockwise and counterclockwise, first making items fall off the tub wall and then untangling them. This unique Hitachi feature makes it much easier to take clothes out of the tub. And minimal tangling means fewer wrinkles on clothes.

Sensor Lock Safety System
The sensor detects if the lid is opened or closed with a lid lock.

Designed for Easy Maintenance
Each parts are designed for easy maintenance to keep them clean without any dirt and lint left.

- Model SF-120XAV
- Washing Capacity (kg) : 12
- Max. Spin Speed (r/min) : 800
- Washing Program : 9
- Speedy Washing Program : Yes
- Motor Warranty (years) : 10
- Dimension W x H x D (cm) : 59.1101.063.6
- Special Washing Program : Yes
- Water Save Program : Yes
- Soak Program : Yes
- Auto Self Clean Program : Yes
- Safety Lid Lock : Yes
- Motor Inverter
- Max Water Consumption (liter) : 88
- Water Level Control : Yes
- Material Stainless : Steel
- Energy Consumption (kWh) : 280
- Washing System Dynamic Stream Wash
Hitachi Mesin Cuci - SF-120XAV