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Samsung Mesin Cuci WA85 Top Load Wobble Technology 8.5 Kg WA85H4200SG/SE

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Deskripsi Produk :
WA85 Top Load
Wobble™ Technology 8.5 Kg

Diamond Drum
Wobble technology
Turbo Drying System

Advanced fabric care and cleaning
The Samsung washing machine’s innovative Wobble technology helps protect delicate fabrics from friction damage while still boasting the outstanding washing performance. The unique structure of its Wobble pulsators generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that minimizes tangles, twists and knots and thoroughly cleans clothes with its enhanced stain-fighting capabilities.

Dries clothes much faster
The Samsung washing machine’s Air Turbo Drying System helps to reduce drying times. It rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to extract more water out of the load, while drawing in more air to speed up the drying process. So it minimizes the time it takes to get wet clothes or blankets dry.

Keeps your top load washer fresh
For the ultimate in convenience, Eco Tub Clean technology keeps your top load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. And it can even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.

Harmoniously streamline and ergonomic design
The Samsung washing machine features an ergonomic and streamline design that looks good and lasts longer. The elegant, natural curves of its round edged design are complemented by the slanted, dual cluster control panel, which makes it easier to use. Especially as its ice blue LED display provides clear information, and a touch of refined beauty. A strong and durable tempered glass door also makes it easy to see everything inside.

Elegant ice blue display
The Samsung washing machine’s streamline, modern design is complemented by a brilliant ice blue LED display that adds an extra touch of style. It provides extremely clear and simple to understand information about the selected cleaning programs, so the machine’s much easier to control.

Simpler to access and control
The Samsung washing machine has a slanted, dual cluster control panel that’s more comfortable and intuitive to use. Its ergonomic design, with buttons on both sides, makes it simpler to select the right options to program and control your laundry. It’s also angled and located on the front, and includes an ice–blue graphic display, so it’s easier to access and see what you’re doing.

Magically cleaner
A Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes, so everything stays cleaner and your drainage doesn’t get clogged up. And it is extremely easy to clean.
Samsung Mesin Cuci WA85 Top Load Wobble Technology 8.5 Kg WA85H4200SG/SE