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Philips Stereo Y Adapter / Headphone Splitter SWA2551W - Black

Rp 19.000
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Share your music
Turns a single headphone jack into two.

Share your music
with this stereo "Y" adapter

- 3.5 mm (M) - (2) 3.5 mm (F)
- Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact
- Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact between the cable and connector for a reliable connection.

Crafted with quality construction
Quality construction uses only top grade materials to create products of extended durability.

Bare copper shielding
Bare copper shielding protects against signal loss.

Non-slip ergonomic grip for easy use
This non-slip grip makes connecting your components easy and ergonomically comfortable.

Moulded plug for secure connections
Moulded plugs ensure secure connections between components and offer extended durability.
Philips Stereo Y Adapter / Headphone Splitter SWA2551W - Black